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We deliver personalized service and mouthwatering menu selections your guests  will remember for a lifetime. 

What's New

Tea Parties

Make any afternoon special! Whether it’s a girl’s afternoon out, a bridal shower or a playdate for that special little girl in your life…a tea party is a perfect way to spend an afternoon.


Cooking Classes

We now offer in-home cooking classes for singles, couples/groups and children. If you want to impress that special someone or throw a dinner party, impress everyone with your new-found skills in the kitchen.  


Wedding Cake Favors (Caribbean Rum Cake)

As a Caribbean tradition, small slices of rum cake/black cake are given to guests at wedding receptions. Create your own traditions by adding individually boxed cake favors to your meal. Miss P’s Caribbean Rum Cake (other flavors also available), made with the finest quality rum straight from Barbados, will have your guests savoring every moment that they spent at your wedding. 


Intimate Dinners

Whether it’s two or twenty, let P’S Baking & Catering create the perfect dinner. We create the menu and you invite the guests. 

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