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P’s Baking & Catering was started from the passion and love of cooking by Pauline Stoute also known as Miss P.  This Barbados native grew up watching her grandmother and mother cooking and baking all of the delights of Barbados.  Now, a chef herself, she brings that same feeling she had as a child to all of her menus. You can literally TASTE THE LOVE that is put into every dish, cake, and pastry.

P’s Baking & Catering is a full service catering company dedicated to providing the best in quality products and services.  Specializing in American and Caribbean Cuisine, P’s Baking & Catering will tickle your taste buds and leave you wanting more.  No matter how big or how small P’s Baking & Catering has what you need to keep your family and guests 100% satisfied.

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The feeling of wanting more after you have tasted one of Miss P’s delightful cakes.


After eating a few spoonfuls of Miss P’s cuisine, your taste buds will start humming a joyful tune.


After tasting all of Miss P’s editable treats, you’ll feel delighted to see your guests enjoying every morsel.


From the Caribbean to Your Table

Here's A Sneak Peak At Our
Island Dessert Menu


 "Black Gold" Cake (West Indian Black Cake)

Carrot Cake

Red Velvet Cake

Coconut Bread


Cassava Pone

Caribbean desserts have the power to transport you to a place of relaxation and pampering. The intensity of flavors and aromas will leave you wanting more. 

To use P's Baking and Catering Services, Inc. for my wedding cake was
one of the wisest decisions. Not only was the delivery early, the cake and table decor
was phenomenal. Many who attended my reception still rave about my cake almost 2 months later. 

-Racine, NYC

At Your Service

 Hollis, New York

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Tel: (917) 284-1670 |  Email: psbakingcatering@gmail.com


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